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Le mercredi 24 mars 2010



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Campi Soli, in french "les champs du soleil”, in english, the Fields of Sun, it is the Latin name of our village, which is appropriate to him perfectly.
This Internet site is intended to the inhabitants in the search of practical information concerning the village, its associations, and its demonstrations.

But it is also carried out to the attention of the people who wish to know for example the paths around Chamesol, its famous restaurant, its craftsmen. If you have questions, write to us. Good visit!!



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Image of this month:
The jonquils had invaded our pastures. Here a photo catch with the Letter, by an inhabitant of the village which had the kindness to send it to us.

This month, the inhabitants of the village await the "Holy Ices" (“Les Saintes Glaces”) in order to flower their balconies and to sow their garden. But what is this "the Holy Ices"!!

Here a small summary of this period before which one should not especially begin its kitchen garden! It is the date after which, it will not freeze any more a year...

The 11, May 12 and 13 of each year are traditionally celebrated the "Saints of Ice".
St Mamert, St Pancrace and St Were useful are thus beseeched by the farmers and put at contribution to avoid the effect on the plantations of a cooling of the temperature which is observed at this period.

There is a scientific explanation:
Around the 12 or of May 13 of each year, the Earth is brought to cross a disc of dust which, during a few hours, makes obstacle with the solar radiations very slightly. The reduction in their intensity is inobservable without extremely sensitive instruments measuring, but sufficient to influence the delicate mechanisms of the meteorology of our sphere.

Six months later, in the other direction, it crosses it again. And this day corresponds to November 11, day known of the Belgians for his "drache" national...

Then for the garden, wait still a little....